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Shmeal is now live
in Chicago

Personal chefs are serving delicious pop-up meals to customers in Chicago! 🍔

What people are saying:

I am so impressed with the concept and functionality. I will definitely be using this app a lot more and am excited for it’s growth.

Woody - App Store Review

Meals by people who actually care. Seriously makes my life 100 times easier.

Nathan - App Store Review

Delicious and brilliant... I'm ready for a Shmeal revolution.

ChellinChen - App Store Review

I have ordered MANY unsatisfactory meals/food from UberEats and the like. I have never had a Shmeal I regretted buying.

Dan - App Store Review

How it works

Personal chefs post a meal they're going to be cooking. Eaters submit requests and pick up from the chef’s place. 🚗

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